How to Start/Stop Sessions Manually

Starting A Session

NOTE:  You must be at Security Level 1, 2, or 3 to start sessions manually.  If you don't have any asterisks in your VF Display, you cannot send time from the manager.

  1. Press the BED NUMBER you want to start, followed by the ENTER button.
  2. Press the TIME button.  The display will read "Enter Session Time".
  3. Enter the SESSION TIME you want, followed by the ENTER button.
    1. The delay will count down on the display.  If an infinite delay has been set up, the session time will show but will not count down.  DELAY will show for status.  Once the customer presses the Start/Stop button in the room, the session will start.  The display will show the session time counting down and the status will stay ON.

Canceling A Session

  1. Press the BED NUMBER that you want to cancel, followed by the ENTER button.
  2. Press the TIME button.  The message "Enter the Time" will appear on the VFD display.
  3. Press the ENTER button (without entering any time)
    1. If the clean room is enabled and the delay time has expired, DIRTY will appear on the display.  The status LED will be red.  Once the clean room signal has been cleared, the display on the T-Max Manager/Pro will show READY and the status LED will turn green.

Excerpt from pages 11 & 12 of the T-Max manual.  The full manual can be viewed by clicking HERE.
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